Today I painted the interior of the basement. I spent the day cutting in all the corners with primer. It is now ready to have a full coat of primer rolled on. In the meantime, Chris, the carpenter, mocked up an example of how the trim is going to lay out. He has to biscuit joint the window sill, so he spent most of the day putting that together. I am madly trying to stay ahead of him, to get the primer and top coat onto the gyproc before the trim goes on.

I should have had all the painting done yesterday, but when I was prepping the vapor barrier repair around the windows, Wallace, our contractor, noticed the windows hadn’t been sealed. So that was my Sunday job. Sealing the windows involved spraying expanding foam around the windows, trimming it flat after it hardened, installing the vapor barrier, and caulking the vapor barrier to the window frame. By the time I had the windows done and the basement thoroughly vacuumed and swept, it was too late to do anymore that day.


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