rental or short stay accommodation?

I have been debating how to organize renting the suite. Before the reno, I had a tiny 450 sq ft suite with 6’5″ ceilings. It was damp and cold, but it had its charm. Without doing any research, I set it up for rental as a short stay accommodation. Despite the obvious drawbacks of the suite, this turned out to be a great arrangement. I met some wonderful people, and I never had to worry about landlord/tenant relations because our guests did not stay more than a month or three. I didn’t mind managing the bookings, and the suite stayed in good shape because I gave it a thorough cleaning before each new guest came to stay.

Now I have a brand new home to manage. Honestly, I want to move into it myself! I was thinking I could rent it as a vacation property for Vancouverites who just want to relax in a thoroughly warm, dry space.

I find the thought of long term tenancy daunting, but I am still in love with the idea of short stay accommodation. I’m thinking that would be a good direction to go.


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