cleaning into the corners

Although I have renovation tasks to complete on the weekends, I also try to get a bit of cleaning done in the house. We are living in a sandbox!

On Friday evening I decided to clean up the new mechanical room, and with a trouble light hooked up, I got down on my hands and knees to wipe down the floor. To my dismay, I found water on the floor under the Navian gas heater. Sure enough, there was water leaking from the two large compression fittings going into and out of the heater. I called Wallace, our contractor, and he got in touch with the plumbers and figured out the problem. The nuts had not been tightened on sufficiently, and although the system tested alright under pressure before the heater was fired up, once the water lines were warming and cooling, the fittings loosened off enough to allow for leakage.

Wallace came over with his giant crescent wrench and tightened down the fittings and it is dry now. What I learned was how important it is to clean into every corner of the house. You never know what you are going to find, and it is the only way to find things that you don’t expect but need to know about.


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