Getting to work on a Saturday

The renovation project is definitely in a new phase of winding down. For one thing, there are many more tasks on Matt’s and my To Do lists and the carpenters are no longer coming by. For another, the tasks on our lists are things like painting, caulking, cleaning, and sealing, rather than demolishing, digging, and shifting large piles of materials from one section of the yard to another.

The difficulty at this stage is that so many tasks are interlinked, needing something done before being able to move ahead with something else. It starts to feel like an amorphous web of entropy. Well, I have figured out some jobs for myself and I am going to move forward with them while the tiling and cabinets get sorted out.

I am going to learn to caulk the window and door trim. And, of course, make progress on maintaining our contingent living situation.


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