back to Ikea

We first bought the kitchen cabinets on June 28, and I swear we have worked on trying to figure out how to fit them between these posts in the kitchen ever since. And then we realized we had gotten the wrong sized base cabinet to fit between the range and one of the posts. After I had assembled the cabinet box. So last night we booked a co-op car and returned the partially assembled cabinet to Ikea. They took it back and gave us a full credit!

Later, we checked out just before the store closed, having purchased about twice as much as the credit was worth. But now we have the right sized cabinet to go between the range and the post. And a bathroom cabinet to fit in between the vanity and the wall. And a vanity mirror, and a kitchen sink. And cupboard door handles and drawer pulls.

Please, please, do not let the suite finish line move further away from us the closer we get to it.

note to self: no posts in the kitchen next time


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