cleaning up

Today I tackled a sorry mess. The main floor bathroom was used as the worker’s toilet all winter. For many months there was no water in the sink because the tailpipe broke when the plumbers were setting up the new drain system.

The bathroom was a horror show to begin with. It was originally added on during the first porch add-on. One of the structural problems we had to address, that precipitated this renovation, was the fact that there were three different generations of back porch add-ons. Each successive generation of porch was closed in, and another exterior porch was added. The original, weight bearing exterior wall is now the inside wall between the kitchen and this nasty bathroom, and a studio room.

In the basement, there were three different foundation walls at the back of the house. Each had its own floor height, and the floor joists ran in different directions.

This main floor bathroom had most recently been renovated in the mid-70s, when a tiled counter and tiled floor were installed. A tub shower was put in, and a sliding glass shower door was supposed to keep the shower from spraying out of the tub and onto the floor.

The south wall of the bathroom was the original exterior wall for the house. The north wall of the bathroom was a second exterior wall, built when the first porch was enclosed. This wall had a window in it, a sliding double paned wood window. The glass shower doors, sitting proud on the bathtub, came up right in the centre of this window. To give support to the wall frame for the sliding glass doors, a stick was wedged between the two window frames and the sliding glass door frame. That is what has held up those shower doors for 30+ years.

Today I tore out the whole glass door situation, and scrubbed down all the tiles, the ceiling, the toilet and the vanity. It was a disgusting job, but someone had to do it.

Finally, the bathroom is clean, and ready for use. I don’t want to put anything back in it. I will stop at Home Depot today and pick up a shower curtain and hanging rod.

I can’t wait to finally tear this bathroom out and convert it to a powder room. I hope I never, ever, ever, inflict a tile countertop or tiled floor on another bathroom or kitchen.


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