getting to final

It is a very discouraging time. It seems as if the more we get done the further the finish line moves away from us. The pieces for the front porch railing have been sitting awaiting a final coat of sealant for a week. The kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity have taken much longer than we thought. Now I am teaching, and my work on the house has been cut down almost totally. The tiles are sitting in their boxes awaiting installation. We have run out of money.

Matt is the only one working on the project now, my teaching fees are keeping us afloat. If only we were on a renovation show, and some handsome tv contractor could come in, and with a deft hand on the editing software, speed everything up 10x. Within a few seconds everything would be done, and we would be smiling and waving a copy of the final inspection.


One thought on “getting to final

  1. I understand the discouragement. It’s frustrating to be so close to the final stretch of a renovation, and then have to put it on hold or prolong it because life has started happening again. Running out of money is the hardest aspect to deal with, in my opinion; when the money runs out, all the work still to be done starts to feel overwhelming. But if you keep doing a little bit here and there, as you can, it will all get done. It will take longer, yes, but you’ll get there. ๐Ÿ™‚

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