the endless finish

Matt continues to make slow progress on building the kitchen and bathroom cabinets into place. It has been a real trial, because, with Ikea cabinets, everything has to fit the existing dimensions of the cabinet base and cladding. But our basement suite is not square in any dimension (although it is close enough). In addition, we are going to pour concrete counter tops. It is a great idea, and I am excited about doing it, but I didn’t realize that building the structure to support the concrete counter tops would be such a headache with the Ikea cabinets and the limitations of cladding that cannot be easily trimmed.

Add to that the kitchen island project, which is going to look amazing and be a centerpiece of the suite, but is also a big challenge, to ensure it is stable enough to support the concrete countertop so that it doesn’t crack. We are putting the island on castors, to give more flexibility to the space, and that means adding a torsion box between the castors and the island structure.

Matt is turning out to be a wizard at carpentry and joinery.

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