pushing forward on the #renovation

I suppose this is a common renovation story: almost done, but not done; ran out of money; earning money to finish the renovation; finishing the renovation will bring in necessary rental income; high financing fees because we worked all last year on the renovation; not earning enough to stay afloat; exhausted from stress and work and having unfinished renovation hanging over us; must finish renovation on our own because we can’t afford to pay skilled workers; every month without rental income draws down the funds we had borrowed to finish the renovation. Gee. When I put it that way, no wonder I have been feeling stressed!

Well, enough of that. We have a doable project and we are very close to finishing. These concrete countertops will not defeat us! My to do list for today:

1. Pentraguard the test forms so we can see how the concrete and water from the pour will affect our oak trim;

2. Clean out the basement, make room in the living room for the table saw, trash out, set up north bedroom as a tool room – move all tools into that room, set up south bedroom as supply room – move all supplies and materials into that room;

3. Sweep out the entire suite, ready for our experimental pour.

There. I have said it. This is what I am going to get done today no matter what.

Screen shot 2012-12-18 at 7.32.37 AM


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