Any progress is better than no progress #renovations

Matt and I took some time off this afternoon to walk to the credit union, the butcher and the grocery store. As we walked, we talked about the renovation, and our frustration and exhaustion with the process at this point in time. Matt said something very wise, he said, “The thing is, no matter how small our effort might be on any one day, any step toward completion is at least progress. If we don’t make any progress, we are not any closer to completion.” His point is true with so many big projects we might undertake, that in their grandeur we feel small and insignificant. Each day that we make progress, even modest progress, is changing the trajectory of our outcome over time. A small change today, and many small changes over many days, accumulate to an outcome that is many degrees changed than if we had done nothing to make a change today, or on every subsequent day.

I like that way of looking at it. So today, I did get downstairs, and I prepped the experimental boxes, and I prepped the oak trim, and I cleaned out the basement from all past projects, and made room for the table saw to get moved in. I even cleaned the doors.

As I turned out the lights and locked up for another day, I felt deep satisfaction. At least for today, we made progress, and we are closer to our goal than we were before.


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