The tile is set #renovations

We have finally completed setting the tile for the new suite. The last of the grouting has been applied. Today I will seal the grout and that will mark the end of the tiling marathon we started at Christmas. Why did it take so long? Good question.

When we were planning the tile project, our contractor, Wallace, laid it out as a three day process: mortar the tile into place (day 1), grout the tile (day 2), seal the grout (day 3). We thought, “That sounds easy! Let’s get it done!”

But first we had to apply the waterproof membrane to the tub surround. That needed to be mortared into place. Well, Matt and I had never mortared a waterproof membrane into a tub surround (including the ceiling). What did this process step involve? A lot more research than we anticipated.

We had many questions. How far down does the waterproof membrane go in relation to the top of the tub? How far past the tub should the waterproof membrane go on the west wall and ceiling? What kind of drill do we need to mix the mortar? What trowels do we need to apply the mortar to the wall? What is the best layout for the waterproof membrane? How do you overlap the membrane? What is the best way to accommodate the plumbing fixtures to the waterproof membrane?

After many days of deliberation and consultation, we finally had the answers we needed and we got the waterproof membrane installed.

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 7.35.41 AM

With the waterproof membrane in, we began to layout our tile design.

Then we realized we needed to get the concrete countertops poured before we could install the bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. We couldn’t layout our tile design without the bathroom and kitchen countertops in because we didn’t know how the final elevation of the countertops were going to influence the layout of the tile design.

Luckily, we were very careful with our process steps. It turned out our counters and the trim, came out higher than we anticipated. When we accommodated the electrical outlets, we found the perfect lines for the stone tile feature.

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 7.42.58 AM

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