Improving my painting technique #renovations

I have begun applying the final coat of paint. Hopefully I will have it all done before the electricians arrive  to install light fixtures and switches next week. I think I will be okay with it, although the finicky finishing bits devour time just when I think I am going to be sailing through.

My brush technique is good. One thing I have noticed is the quality of the brush counts for a lot, that, and a steady hand and a good eye for the edge. My roller technique, however, left a lot to be desired.

I don’t know if it is just me, but the rollers I am using don’t like to do what I would assume a roller does, roll back and forth with paint on it. When I tried to use it this way, I was left with this large ridge of paint rolling off one end of the roller. I was also fighting the roller to keep it on the holder. Every time I re-loaded the paint, I had to tap the roller back onto the holder.

Instead, I figured out that it is much faster and better to only apply paint rolling in one direction. I am finding this is going much faster and I am getting a nice even application of paint. I have also noticed that if I apply a lot of paint passing with the roller going uniformly in a vertical pattern, then I can pass again in a horizontal pattern and not have to recharge the roller with paint. This is getting me the best finish.

I am also finding a diamond patter is working well on large wall surfaces. This technique is based on applying the first pattern on a diagonal with a well loaded roller, and then going back over it a second time perpendicular to the first pass.

One last point. If the light is not good I cannot see whether there is a problem in the paint surface or not. I am setting up my lights so my surface is well lit and I can see every bump and blemish.

Okay, now this is the last point. In the past I have been unrealistically optimistic about paint drips and drops. I have tended to neglect proper draping and even painting in good clothes, because I thought I would be careful enough not to have any problems. Well, a penny saved is a penny earned. A little extra draping and wearing painting coveralls is worth it in the long run.


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