Transitions #renovations

The walls and the ceilings are painted in the suite. All of them. Today Matt is going to move the table saw out, all the tools and equipment are getting shifted out to the shed. The space is no longer a construction site, it is now a new living space in the final stages of completion.

I painted until midnight, rolling, rolling, rolling. There is still the trim to paint, and there are still projects to finish up, but now it feels like it is actually going to become a living space.

I love it down there. It takes me 10 minutes to sweep the entire suite. The counters wipe up easily, and it is a pleasure to contemplate the beauty of the concrete as I do so.

The electricians are due today, and the plumbers are due on Friday. Once they have completed their work, the appliances will finally be installed.

Today I am taking a rest day to give my body a chance to recuperate from the painting, but tomorrow, I will begin painting the trim. With luck and  a breath of good grace, we will get through this renovation and live to tell the tale.

Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 8.57.35 AM


Last week we received the sad news that my dear Mother-In-Law is being transitioned into hospice care. We continue our labours in her honour, even as we yearn to fly back east to see her and sit with her. We cannot leave until we have completed this renovation, and we are within two weeks of getting to final inspection.

The renovation itself is a tough process that demands every wit and wisdom that can be brought to bear on the myriad of puzzles and problems that emerge at every stage. Add to that government legislation that changes lending and borrowing terms and results in interest rates much higher than planned, a dissertation that is overdue, the dual financial pressures of servicing mortgages and credit card debt from the reno while need to apply hours to the house to finish the renovation, and then add the family dimension: weddings, illness, celebrations, loss. It really comprises a very tough couple of years.

Fingers crossed for good luck and successful completion of the never ending task list.


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