Neck and Neck

With each passing day we draw closer to the end of our credit resources and closer to realizing our vision of creating a beautiful living space that we can rent for short stay accommodation. Every morning I wake up and immediately calculate what day of the month it is and how much time we have before the next mortgage payment has to be ready for withdrawal. At the same time, I organize my tasks, thinking through job priorities and logistics.

I have started installing the Ikea drawers and cupboard doors. It is an exciting stage, to see the final pieces coming together for the bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Yesterday we glued the last pieces of cladding onto the kitchen island. I installed the Ikea drawers on the island. There is still fine tuning the drawer fronts by making adjustments to the tilt and angle of the drawer fronts so they all fit flat.

The bathroom cabinets are installed. I am ready to paint trim and caulk the bathroom counter. I am debating whether it is a good idea to put an extra layer of epoxy to coat the floor around the toilet. I’m not sure what to do about that. I know how much of a beating the floor around the toilet takes. But the epoxy will give a different texture and surface to the floor, from the rest of the floor. On second thought, I don’t think it is necessary. The floor sealant we are using is industrial strength, it is made for public institutional floors. Surely it is tough enough to handle a little pee splash.

Today I will install the last of the Ikea cupboards in the kitchen and get them all levelled and uniformly flat. I will also empty the suite of all the remaining construction materials and tools. It is time to vacate the premises so we can install the last cupboards, paint the trim, install the door knobs, and re-finish the floors.

There is no time now for second guessing or losing energy over the state of our finances. We may end up crawling over the finish line, but we are going to make it! Onward!

Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 9.19.38 AM

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