Applying Project Management Methods

Applying Project Management Methods

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I am studying Project Management at BCIT toward applying to take the Project Management Professional certification examination. My goal is to apply project management best practices to residential renovations, including my own.

Our Phase 2 renovation is serving as my case study prototype for implementing this goal in practice. To that end, I have been developing my project management database system to manage project management-related and project-related data.

Project management-related data is information arising from implementing project management planning methods to manage conceptualizing, initializing, planning, implementing, and finally, successfully closing this Phase 2 renovation.

Our Phase 1 renovation experience was apparently a typical homeowner nightmare. We came within one week of having to sell our house unfinished because we had lost control of the project. It was only through sheer will and determination that we were able to find people who could help us keep our house, find new financing, and get onto a new solid footing. It is this experience that informs my approach to residential renovation and project management.

At present I have been building the database I will use to manage all project data. I am building it in Filemaker and making satellite apps that can be used to collect real-time renovation data on our iPhones and iPads. I have mapped out the initial table relationships to reflect project management processes:

  1. Portfolio development
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Business Case
  4. Project Charter
  5. Project Management Plan
  6. Scope Development, including Requirements, Constraints and Resource Identification
  7. Schedule Development
  8. Cost Estimates
  9. Quality Parameters
  10. Human Resources – Project Team and Ancillary Contributors
  11. Communication – Means and Methods including Document Protocols
  12. Risk – Identification, Assessment, Mitigation
  13. Procurement – Terms, Agreements, Contracts
  14. Stakeholder – Organizational Layout, Authority, Decision-making

It wasn’t that anyone was out to take advantage of us homeowners during Phase 1. We had a good team of people to help us get the project done. However, there wasn’t one person on that team – Architect, Engineer, General Contractor, Electrician, Plumber, etc. that was actually good at project management. It was the absence of adequate project management that proved our weakness.

Since that first project I have embarked on working professionally as a carpenter, and now, as a Project Manager. My experience in carpentry has revealed to me a significant gap in the industry of residential renovations – the absence of project management protocols based on known project management best practices.

I can now tell the story of our first renovation in light of this new understanding and commitment to contribute to changing the way this industry manages residential renovations.


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