The suite is up on Craigslist

We are still building the closet cabinets and there is trim to paint and install, and the floor will get a final buffing, but we hope to have it ready for move in as of August 15. The yard will still need landscaping so we are offering a discount until November 1. This suite has to be seen to be believed. There really isn’t anything like it available in Vancouver these days. We love it, we hope we can find tenants who will love it, too.



sooo close and so far away

We had a nice tea party with our friend Henry today. He was inquiring about the suite, he is thinking of moving in with his cousin. It was nice to talk about renting the suite, even if we are still struggling to get the cabinets in, the concrete counters poured, and the tiling installed.

We are close, and we just have to keep up the pace to finish.

Developing a rental plan

I am working on developing a business plan for a short stay accommodation business. I would like to book one week minimum, three month maximum stays. The rate for the booking would reflect the number of nights in attendance.

I talked to a restoration company about being able to offer accommodation to people who are displaced due to floods, mold, contamination, etc. He suggested I get in touch with small to medium size brokerage houses. I need to find insurance adjusters who would be interested in booking my suite because they can save on their hotel accommodation payout without compromising the comfort and security of their clients.

I argue that our suite will be much more comfortable than a hotel room, especially for people with children or pets.

I have no idea how to find an insurance adjuster at a small insurance brokerage firm.

rental or short stay accommodation?

I have been debating how to organize renting the suite. Before the reno, I had a tiny 450 sq ft suite with 6’5″ ceilings. It was damp and cold, but it had its charm. Without doing any research, I set it up for rental as a short stay accommodation. Despite the obvious drawbacks of the suite, this turned out to be a great arrangement. I met some wonderful people, and I never had to worry about landlord/tenant relations because our guests did not stay more than a month or three. I didn’t mind managing the bookings, and the suite stayed in good shape because I gave it a thorough cleaning before each new guest came to stay.

Now I have a brand new home to manage. Honestly, I want to move into it myself! I was thinking I could rent it as a vacation property for Vancouverites who just want to relax in a thoroughly warm, dry space.

I find the thought of long term tenancy daunting, but I am still in love with the idea of short stay accommodation. I’m thinking that would be a good direction to go.